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ThiefMD —

The Markdown Editor worth stealing

ThiefMD is a Markdown and Fountain editor and file manager inspired by Ulysses. ThiefMD is based on open source code from Quilter and other projects.

Static Site Generators? Novel Writing? Book reports? Screen plays? ThiefMD loves handling all your markdown files and compiling them to whatever format you need. Pandoc runs under the hood, so if you can dream it, ThiefMD can build it.

Manage your **mark** without any _down_sides. Your library is your file system.


Write-Good —

Screenshot of WriteGood enabled in ThiefMD

libwritegood-vala is a port of btford’s write-good to Vala.

WriteGood detects and highlights


TL;DR: Automated Summaries — A project built for a Hashnode Hackathon.

TL;DR takes all of the important stuff out of those drawn out novels you're trying to read. Simply feed it the content and how much you want to know, and it'll spit out all you need to know. Ya know?

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